Inspiring Weather Rescues and Storm Clean-ups Throughout History

Some of these photographs date back more than a century!

Ever since the advancement of photography, folks have been taking pictures of extreme weather events and daring rescues. While our modern news channels make the weather a ubiquitous constant, 100 or more years ago it was a real struggle to get the camera out and focused on the subject at hand. But, the ones that were taken will tug at your heartstrings. Here are some of the most inspiring storm and rescue photographs throughout history!

Blizzard of 1888, Grand Central Depot, NYC, crews work to clear the depot. Via/ NOAA Archives
Dragging a rescued individual back to safety through the strong current. The rescued man was lucky – many people have been killed by flash floods. Rockville, Maryland. July 15, 1975. Via/ NOAA Archives
Rescuers in the flood of 1913, Dayton, Ohio. Via/ Library of Congress
Rescuing a woman in her bathrobe in the Flood of 1913, Dayton, Ohio. Via/ Library of Congress

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