The Muse Behind Picasso, Hemingway and Fitzgerald

The Lost Generation artists turned to this glamorous American socialite for inspiration.

The South of France in the 1920s: glamorous parties, suntanned bodies and no end of amusements in an area that would become the site of many an inspired work of art. The American couple Sara and Gerald Murphy brought their family with them to France to luxuriate in the leisurely lifestyle afforded the very wealthy of the time. While there, Pablo Picasso instantly fell under Sara’s charms, basking in her warm personality and generous nature when she invited him and his wife to stay with her family at the Hotel du Cap resort. The sordid affairs of the bohemian power couple have been well-documented, as have the numerous connections that each bear in family and friendship to some of the most notable figures of the 19th and 20th centuries. The incredible scandals and parties and the quiet moments on the beach led more than one artistic figure to use Sara as their inspiration. Noted to have been the muse of at least three of the greatest creators of the early 20th century, Sara Murphy’s hidden influence on the art and literary world has now been explored by some historians. Have a look below.