Peek Into This Round House and Be Transported Back to the Sixties

A quirky house is also a 1960s time capsule. Filled with the most stylish of vintage furnishings, this home will make you think you’ve wandered back in time!

Most people would assume that a dream home in the 1960s and a dream home today would be quite different. But for Desiree Meyers and Julien Goldklang their dream home is a 1967 time capsule. The 1,250 square foot Nolan House just happens to be round with a quirky zig zag roof! The designer of the house, Leon Meyer, produced many buildings, but only a handful of his round homes are still standing, and this may be the most well-preserved. Filled with vintage and mid-century furniture, the couple has gone the extra mile to make sure that the decor is spot-on 1967 authentic. Picking only the most iconic and well-made pieces (since they are furniture dealers) the home reads like a catalog of the best of the 60s. A veritable time capsule, the owners say the house “is kind of like stepping back into time.” Have a look for yourself.

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