Roswell Is Known For Aviation Stories, But Have You Heard Of The Aircraft Boneyard?

When someone mentions Roswell, typically one thing comes to mind: the 1947 UFO incident that took place, the alleged government cover-up, and endless conspiracy theories. Did you know, however, that Roswell is also home to another fascinating aircraft history? The 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group, otherwise known as “The Boneyard,” is the largest storage area for retired aircraft in the nation. Active since 1946, the Boneyard is used to store, scrap, and salvage retired aircraft that is no longer deemed air-worthy. But not every airplane at the boneyard is scrapped; one in particular used to belong to the King himself, Elvis Presley! Take a closer look at this fascinating process in the following clip from the Smithsonian Channel.

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