Don’t Be a Square, Just Rock to the Rhythm

These dance moves remind us just how fun movies used to be!

Dig those fine moves, man! This delightful clip from Rock Around the Clock (1956) shows just how amazing the swing dance moves of the 1950s were. These dancers have incredible style and just look at those clothes! This scene is so fun; they just don’t make films like they used to! Dancing to that new-fangled rock and roll these kids really know how to get down, even if there are some squares around. Bill Haley and His Comets make a big splash in this scene, and the film catered to their fans and promoted their energetic style with gusto. Johnny Johnston makes a swell onlooker in this scene as well, supposedly clueless to the latest dance moves. The dancers are Earl Barton and Lisa Grey and they do a simply wonderful job. Have a look at the way we used to dance in this fun scene. And, you can check out our favorite dance crazes here.