This Artist Will Create A Miniature Replica Of Your House With LEGOs

While these replicas may be small, the price tag for some of them is quite large.

Have you ever lived in a home that is just so special and full of memories for you, that you can’t imagine what you’ll do if you have to move out? Well, now there’s an extra special way you can commemorate your home or a home that’s near and dear to a loved one’s heart.

A seller on Etsy named Little Brick Lane, which is run by Shari Austrian, makes incredibly special customized homes that are created entirely out of LEGOs.

While these replicas may be small, the price tag for some of them is quite large – so these LEGOs would be investment pieces, not toys for your kids to dismantle and destroy.

Photo: Etsy / Little Brick Lane

The cost varies depending on the size of the house. You can get an estimated price, since it’s roughly $1.40 per square foot of your home, or $2,800 and up – so a replica of a 3,000 square foot home would cost you $4,200. While the sticker price might be a shock, the little mini hand-made houses are so cute, how could you not?

In addition, you also get the option to choose how to represent your home’s exterior or add details to the interior. If you go for the option of showing the inside, too, then the price goes up to $1.90 per square foot, or $3,800 and up.

Photo: Etsy / Little Brick Lane

But to be fair, there is a lot of hard work that goes into creating these perfect little models. Little Brick Lane’s Shari does use blueprints and photographs in order to build the custom models, and whether its interior or exterior, uses brand new authentic LEGO bricks. The whole process of building the models takes 10-12 weeks. After that, you get a 25-35 pound replica of your home that you, or someone you love, can cherish forever. Shari has quite the uncanny talent for recreating a spitting image of a house using tiny plastic bricks.

Photo: Etsy / Little Brick Lane

If you check out the LittleBrickLane Etsy shop, you can see Shari’s listings available for purchase, as well as the recent projects that have been completed for her other customers. Included in that, are the different views and architectural plans that were drawn up in order to take on the project and complete it to perfection.

Photo: Etsy / Little Brick Lane

Based on the reviews, it seems like Little Brick Lane is leaving a lot of customers very happy. A recent Etsy shopper named Michael left a review that read, “She was so invested in making its unveiling a memorable experience. She is just one of those very special people that wanted her customer experience to be extraordinary, and it was!”

What do you guys think of the tiny LEGO houses? Would you ever splurge on one? Have you already splurged on one? Let us know.

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