Why Princess Diana Cut Her Hair Short

As the late Princess of Wales’s hairstylist, Sam McKnight, revealed, her decision to get the cut was a rather impulsive decision.

There have been many iconic hairstyles throughout the ages, many of which were popularized by various style icons of different decades. The 90s had many famous haircuts. I mean, who could ever forget “The Rachel”? That haircut practically defined the decade.

However, there is one other haircut that was equally as famous and influential, and that would be Princess Diana’s now-famous pixie cut.

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While some of us can remember seeing it splashed across the tabloids of the day, or asking our stylists to recreate it, chances are we don’t know the story behind the look that defined a decade. As the late Princess of Wales’s hairstylist, Sam McKnight, revealed, her decision to get the cut was a rather impulsive decision.

Speaking during an episode of British Vogue’s “Vogue Visionaries” YouTube series, McKnight shared insight into what it was like to work with Diana, as well as her decision to get the haircut on a whim.

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As McKnight stated, “The first time I met the Princess of Wales was on a shoot. This leggy blonde comes bouncing up the stairs, and sticks her hand out and introduces herself, smiled and made us all melt, and it was Princess Diana.”

He explained that at the time, she was appearing in a photo shoot for British Vogue. McKnight was helping to style her hair, which was the long and heavily feathered bob she’d had in the 80s. He said that he’d tucked it under the tiara enough for it to look shorter and “faked it a bit.”

Photo: CANVA

Princess Diana then went on to do the photoshoot, which the hairstylist recalled as being a very fun time. He said, “We laughed so much—she was very funny.”

After the shoot was complete, McKnight said that the royal then asked the hypothetical question of what would he do to her hair if she allowed him full control over styling. He recalled that he responded with “I would cut it all off and just start again.”

Photo: YouTube/British Vogue

McKnight explained that at the time, since it was the beginning of the 90s, the styles were moving away from the big hair of the former 80s decade to more short and sleek looks – and that is exactly what he wanted to do with the royal’s hair. He was inspired to start fresh.

As it turns out, the royal agreed with him! McKnight said that Diana’s response was to go ahead and just cut it off. And like that, thanks to a spur of the moment, an iconic look was born. McKnight was even brought in to recreate Princess Diana’s hair on the hit series, “The Queen.”

Watch McKnight’s interview below:

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