Norwegian Glacier Archaeologists Discover Pre-Viking Era Skis

They found the first skis back in 2014 and have been searching for the match ever since.

Norwegian glacier archaeologists from Secrets of the Ice were given the chance to go survey a territory that people are not always given the chance to explore.

These are the clips that we tend to love the most because they give us a chance to see how others do their jobs. When the video opens, they are in the process of surveying a sizable ice patch around the Digervarden mountain in Innlandet.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

During their travels, they came across one of the most unexpected sights possible. They stumbled into a ski that has apparently existed for quite some time now. It is believed that the ski has existed for 1,300 years, which predates the Viking Era. The other ski in this pair was actually found seven years ago if you can believe that. Who knew that they would ever find the other?

These surveyors were not going to give up either. We can appreciate the level of thought and care that it took to remain in the same area for this long.

Photo: YouTube/Secrets Of The Ice

They were not going to stop monitoring the area until they were able to find the next pair and that is awesome to see. It’s definitely a video that will make you admire their commitment and dedication. They shared the news of their discovery on their website and on social media:

“We have found the best-preserved pair of skis from prehistory! Back in 2014, the Secrets of the Ice program found an exceptional pre-Viking ski, 1300 years old, at the Digervarden Ice patch in Norway. The ski was complete, including the binding – one of only two skis from prehistory in this condition. Ever since, we have monitored the ice patch, hoping and praying for the second ski of the pair to melt out. Now it has happened!” they wrote.

If you would like to learn more about all of their adventures in the tundra, you will definitely want to throw a follow to the Secrets of the Ice Instagram account. We can appreciate all of the hard work that they have put in because, let’s be honest here, most of us would probably not spend seven years looking for our own skis, let alone someone else’s! All jokes aside, check out the video below:

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