8 Classic Playground Games That Remind Us Of Childhood

We just can’t help but notice how kids these days won’t get to play some of the most fun games from when we were kids.

We sure did have a lot of fun games to pay on the playground as kids! It was a rare treat to find that someone had brought any toys from home and we spent most of our recess just having a good time running, jumping, and playing these classic childhood games. We hope that some of these will survive, but sadly, a lot children these days have no idea what these games and songs even are!

1) Hopscotch

We’ve heard this one goes all the way back to the Romans as a test of speed and strength for soldiers, sometimes even carrying weights. But, we just thought is was good fun as kids! While we know there are various hopscotch designs one can draw with chalk, we almost used the classic one.

Via/ Library of Congress

2) Dodgeball

This chaotic game usually descended into a free-for-all of ball throwing, a key reason why is it not allowed in many schools today. Played to the rules this game isn’t so bad, and we all know how well kids follow rules, right? Still, dogegeball was great fun until you got clobbered in the face with a ball.

3) Marbles

Now a lost art, playing marbles was a game that took lots of skill. Another casualty of the stay-inside culture, marbles could easily occupy a huge portion of any given recess period or afternoon with the gang. What fun memories we have of playing boss-out or ringer with these beautiful glass marbles and playing for keeps!

Via/ Flickr

4) Duck Duck Goose

The fox gets to choose the goose from al the ducks and what a time we had playing this game! If there was time in the mornings before school, we’d play duck duck goose. A surprising number of the big kids always wanted to play this game! Perhaps this is a hard game to outgrow!