They Are Looking For A Monarch To Reign Over Tourist Season On England’s Piel Island

The island may be small, but the job of ruling over it requires a lot of work!

If you’ve never heard of Piel Island, you certainly are not alone. It is only 50 acres and many people haven’t heard of it.

However, this island may be your only opportunity to be royalty. That’s right, although England has its own queen, the island itself is also looking for a monarch that will care for their needs.

Piel Island
Photo: flickr/Ian Livesey

Piel Island was established in the 12th century when monks started using it to store things they had traded or perhaps, even smuggled. The castle on the island is grandiose, but more than likely, it was just a place for them to store those items in a warehouse.

Something else that is interesting about the island happened in 1487. The island attempted to take the monarchy away from King Henry VII. It occurred after he had defeated Richard the third two years prior at the battle of Bosworth.

Not everybody was happy about the situation so they chose Lambert Simnel, a 10-year-old boy, to take his place. It may have been a plan, but it didn’t exactly land in the end.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

About 8000 soldiers, including mercenaries and Irish sympathizers, camped on the island prior to the time that they had a battle with King Henry VII’s forces. It happened on June 16, 1487, and it brought an end to the War of the Roses.

As far as Lambert was concerned, he didn’t die at the time. In fact, they recognized that he was only a puppet so they gave him a job in the royal kitchen.

It seems as if the island is now looking for somebody who will become an official monarch. They are set and prepared to crown the “King of Piel” and give him all of the benefits that the crown offers. This includes dumping buckets of beer on his head and giving him a sword and helmet.

Photo: flickr/Simon Cotteril

Most people are probably thinking that this is nothing more than a fluffy position but according to the New York Times, the designated monarch would have to run the island’s campsite, open spaces, and The Ship Inn. They have been looking for a replacement because the last person quit during the beginning of the pandemic.

Although this isn’t a job that is perfect for everyone, for an individual who is willing to move to the area and has the right credentials, it could be their step into royalty. In the end, the job should last about 10 years but there are some facts about the monarchy that still need to be hashed out, such as how much you will get paid.