Fan Buys Olivia Newton-John’s “Grease” Jacket For $243K — Then Gives It Back.

In November, “Grease” actress Olivia Newton-John auctioned off more than 500 keepsakes from her career to raise money for cancer research…

Parting with sentimental objects is tough, especially when they make up one of the most iconic outfits in Hollywood history.

In November, “Grease” actress Olivia Newton-John auctioned off more than 500 keepsakes from her career to raise money for cancer research. It’s a cause that’s close to her heart because the 71-year-old was recently diagnosed with breast cancer for the third time.

Among the items sold to support the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre were the sleek leather jacket and pants she wore as Sandy in the last scene of “Grease.” Giving up such a cherished memento must have been bittersweet, but Newton-John was glad to do it for such a worthy cause. After all, the clothes raised a combined total of $405,700!

Spanx founder Sara Blakely bought the pants, while a fan took the jacket home for a whopping $243,200. Newton-John thought that would be the end of the matter, but the jacket’s new owner had something else in mind.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, met up with Newton-John about a month later in Los Angeles, California, and presented her with a gift-wrapped box.

When he admitted that Sandy’s jacket was inside, the actress’ eyes went wide and then filled with tears. “Are you serious?” she asked. That’s when he explained this had been the plan from the beginning.

“This jacket belongs to you and the collective soul of those who love you, those for whom you are the soundtrack of their lives. It should not sit in a billionaire’s closet for country club bragging rights. For this reason, I humbly and respectfully return it to its rightful owner, which is you.”

Newton-John lit up as she opened the box and reunited with the jacket that clearly means so much to her.

“This is the most beautiful present,” she told him. “But mainly it’s your heart that I’m grateful for.”

While Newton-John won’t be adding the jacket to her daily wardrobe, she will fulfill her dream of putting it on display in her cancer center.

This story is proof that kindness begets kindness. Let’s all follow these wonderful examples by showing the people around us that we care. After all, good deeds don’t have to cost a thing!

Watch Newton-John receive her beloved memento in the video below, and share to show your support for her as she continues her battle with cancer.

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