We’ve really enjoyed seeing all the photos our readers have shared of Christmases in the 40’s, 50’s and early 60’s. Here are some, in black and white. It’s fun to pick out the toys, to see the different kinds of trees, and to revel in the holiday cheer. They bring back fond memories for most of us. We hope you enjoy this selection of reader-submitted Christmas photos from the ’40s through the ’60s.

from David Solomon: “My first Christmas–Photo of me (baby with my riding dog at the left), with my older sister and brother… Photographers came in on Christmas and took photographs. I still have this dog–and the picture series.”

We’d like to thank David for sharing this wonderful photo. Besides the wonderful family with their gifts and a vintage Santa and panda, we can see how the icicles were hung on the tree branches one by one. That job would take hours!

This photo dates from about 1948 and is Dusty Old Thing’s own family collection. The little girl had been ill, but you can see her toys. Notice how small the tree was.

from Jan McGinnis: “Thought I would share one of my favorite Christmas photo’s of my big brothers and I on Christmas Day 1959. “
from Aubrey Griggs: “My favorite memories “Big Lou” still have him mid 60’s”

Big Lou, kids curious about how it worked, an aluminum tree and Christmas morning in print pajamas. What says that time period better?

Thanks to everyone who has shared their memories of Christmas past. They bring smiles.