12 Old-fashioned Uniforms That Are More Put Together Than Anything Today

These folks are more stylish than most people on the street these days!

From flight attendants to cashiers to milkmen and mechanics, the sheer number of folks in uniforms back in the day eclipses the work clothes we know today. While some were plain, but tidy, other uniforms back then were stylish and extremely put together. Here are 12 uniforms that make most of today’s work clothes look like pajamas.

KLM stewardesses in 1962. Via/ Flickr
Nurse in 1957. Via/ State Archives of Florida
Check out the crease on those pants! Via/ Flickr
Nurses in 1972. Via/ State Archives of Florida
1959 uniforms for the flight attendants of the National Airways Corporation in New Zealand. Via/ Flickr
Milkman in 1941. Via/ Library of Congress

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