Old Places in the Heart: June 6

Sometimes places tug at our hearts. Sometimes they are places we’ve been. Sometimes they are places that we just know we belong. Sometimes there’s no explaination. Here are a few, most from photos posted by our readers…

This is the front porch of my girlhood home in Missouri.” — Peggy Howard

“Thisis the house in Hildebran, N.C. that was Katniss’s home in The Hunger Games. Happened across this little village by accident. It was a mill town.” — Lola Bryant

“Myhusband and I have been researching our families’ genealogy off and on for 25 years. In 2008, we visited the Czech Republic and visited my husband’s third cousin. A member of my husband’s family has lived in this house since 1700. It has, of course, had some renovations/modernization. However, three rooms and the cellar are from the the original home. It’s in Cikov, Czech Republic.” — Sharon Blazek

“Old barn in Indiana” — Joella Baxter

“This is one of the leaded glass windows in my home.” — Debbie Wilson

“An old grain scale….
MyDad gave us this scale for our yard. I put the pig on there, and he looks like he’s getting weighed for market lol looked so cute, that we just left him there.” — Darlene Duplessis

One of the twin staircases in the Trustee’s House, Shaker Village, Pleasant Hill, Kentucky. Photo by Dusty Old Thing.

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