These Basic Cooking Skills Were Once Essential, But Now They’re Dying Out

Time was that any cook knew at least some of these techniques.

We can all agree that the microwave has increased convenience in the kitchen. However, the old-fashioned skills that we were once common have begun to fade from the everyday with each new convenience offered. These skills were commonplace only 100 or even 50 years ago. While folks today enjoy eating so-called slow foods, they don’t actually know how to make them and often rely on restaurants for complicated dishes.

Most people today are also using pre-made ingredients (like pre-chopped veggies and canned sauce) or ready-made meals to complete their menus instead of making things the way people did in generations past. These 8 old fashioned cooking skills are now dying out at a rapid pace.

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8) Pickling

There was a time when just about every family had their own special pickle recipes. It’s not the easiest craft to master, but very worth it when it comes time for dinner!

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7) Canning

Another important food preservation skill was canning. Even after the craze for ready-made foods and instant puddings hit the U.S. after World War II, many women continued to make their own jams and jellies every year to keep a little but of summer all year long. This long and complicated process requires time and patience as well as equipment that most people these days simply don’t have room for in their lives.

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6) Gardening

Growing a garden was once considered an important part of cooking, provided you had the space to do so. Even in cities window boxes full of fresh herbs were common. Not only did it save money, but it was a sure source of herbs that might be hard to get fresh otherwise.

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5) Drying Veggies and Herbs

There once was a time when a kitchen might have garlic braids, dried thyme bunches, or leather britches hanging up to dry. As part of the process of gardening and preservation, food drying was once considered a basic part of running a kitchen.

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