Listen to The Newbeats Sing on American Bandstand

Hear one of the catchiest tunes of the 1960s in this fantastic clip from American Bandstand.

The Newbeats were formed in Louisiana when Larry Henley met the Mathis brothers, Mark and Dean. It wasn’t long before they were recording wholesome songs together, the Mathis’ being sons of a preacher and a popular duo in their own right. The demo song of “Bread and Butter” became their first hit in 1964 and it reached #2 on the Billboard charts. The song was later used in the Schmidt’s Blue Ribbon Bread commercials and it remains one of the most fun songs from the era. Henley’s distinctive falsetto voice gives this song a unique sound. And, it’s so easy to sing along to! We dare you to try to get this song out of your head! They sure don’t make hit songs this innocent anymore. Have a look and a listen at this clip from American Bandstand in 1964 of the Newbeats performing “Bread and Butter.”