Archie Bunker’s Chair in Museum? We’re Not Kidding!

They may be kooky, but these TV props are absolutely museum worthy!

They were some of our very favorite television programs. To fans, the props from these popular shows are absolutely museum-worthy. It’s funny to think about Archie Bunker’s chair being museum quality, but these props have great cultural value to all of us who grew up on these iconic shows. Now, some of these historical objects from television are safely in museums for visitors to enjoy off-screen.

Sesame Street

So many children grew up believing that the Muppets were real because of the wonderful voices and expressions of Jim Henson’s timeless puppets. The Smithsonian Museum now houses some of Henson’s puppets, including the first incarnation of Kermit made for local TV and the more famous version seen below which appeared on Sesame Street.

Via/ Flickr

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