Far Out Hairstyles of the ’50s and ’60s

These styles give new meaning to the phrase “crowning glory.”

For most women of the era, hair at its best was a kind of sculpture which showed your relationship to fashion on your head: the “crowning glory” of many women’s overall look. But, styles change could change quite quickly. Experimental hair has been a fad in recent years, but what about way back then? You might think that squared shapes or hair extensions in bright colors are new trends. But, stylists were experimenting with these (and other) crazy new ideas in women’s hairstyles even before man walked on the moon!

From Vidal Sassoon’s sleek ’60s looks to hair that was teased skyward within an inch of its life, there’s no question that the golden period of hair-dos was definitely in the mid-century era. Women clamored for the most fashionable styles and were willing to sleep funny just to maintain them! Have a look at a variety of experimental hairstyles from the era (and how they were achieved) in the video below.

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