Movie Buff Turns His Basement Into An Exact Replica Of A 1980s Video Store For His Collection

What you do if you’re a huge fan of videos, own an online video store and have a streak of nostalgia? You build your own 1980s replica video store in your basement!

The person who owns the online video store, Nostalgia Video has his own personal collection and a unique way to display it. All of those videos are stacked on display shelves and there are even movie size boxes of various types of candy on the end caps.

He talked about why he decided to do this on his website:

“Nostalgia Video is a 100% online video store that has been built from the ground up right in my basement. Nostalgia Video’s goal is to use social media as a way to connect people all over the world, to share the warm memories of yesteryear, and ensure the nostalgic feelings of years gone by, live on forever.”

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