This Medieval Village Off The Coast Of France Is Like Something From A Fairytale

Just off the coast of northwestern France lies a stunning coastal town that you’ve got to see to believe. Mont Saint-Michel is a walled-off commune that dates back to the 8th century, and was one of the first monuments to be classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Depending on the tides, Mont Saint-Michel is either an island, or a half-mile walk from the nearest coast. The village, which boasts a population of around 50, is home to more than 60 buildings considered historical monuments by the French, including the beautiful Saint-Michel abbey that sits at the center of the town. The abbey dates back to the 11th century, when Richard II, Duke of Normandy, commissioned William of Volpiano to be the building contractor. The entire island is like a medieval time capsule, and draws in roughly 3 million visitors per year. Get a closer look at the marvelous destination in the following clip.

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