Scientists Scanned A 1000-Year-Old Statue Were Surprised To Find Someone Inside

Scientists could never have imagined what was inside this ancient statue

Ancient artifacts open a door to a whole new world and give us the opportunity to learn about our ancestors and the world as it was in centuries past. This Buddha statue is definitely not a typical find for archeologists or scientists. It may appear to be a regular Buddha statue from the 1100 AD period, you won’t believe what scientists found when they scanned the statue!

Inside this beautiful statue, scientists found remains of an ancient Chinese Buddhist monk. The statue was discovered and placed at an exhibit in the Netherlands, but not before a full CT scan was performed and the ancient monk’s remains. The discovery was quite an unforgettable moment for everyone involved.

Experts believe the remains are that of a Buddhist master names Liuquan, who was a member of the Chinese Meditation School. As if the discovery of the ancient monk were not enough, the researchers also made another discovery that was both shocking and alarming.

The monk’s vital organs were removed and replaced with scraps of paper that contained ancient Chinese characters. Some experts concluded that Liuquan may have chosen to mummify his own body. This was a common practice during the time period.

Some ancient records show that a select few Buddhist monks made the choice to starve themselves to death and make themselves into mummies willingly. Liuquan is the first actual physical evidence we have of this practice, and the first statue to ever have been scanned for further research.

Make sure to share this incredible discovery with all the history buffs in your family! They will are sure to get a kick out of learning something interesting like this. Watch the video below for more details on this amazing discovery!