The Mythological Creatures Of Medieval Art

“It’s a world where biology and mythology blend together.”

As a writer, I’ve always been fascinated by stories and legends of cryptids. It is fascinating to the imagination.

Granted, things like dragons, mermaids, basilisks, etc., don’t actually exist, but it’s fun to think about the what-ifs. A lot of these different creatures stem from the stories and visual representations of medieval art.


The visuals of the Middle Ages’ take on zoological creatures were definitely wild – especially when looking at their art. We can easily see kids getting nightmares after seeing some of these supposed creatures.

While many of these animals are completely fictional, they’re not any less scary when you add in claws and horns and multiple heads, and all sorts of other bizarre and grotesque creations. They’re like a science lab experiment gone wrong!

Photo: YouTube/hochelaga

Still, Hochelaga is here to give us a visual and audio breakdown of some of history’s more strange creature art.

All I have to say is if this is what people thought was out there in the world, then no wonder there were so many cases of monster hysteria back in the day – people were scaring themselves into seeing things in the woods.

Photo: YouTube/hochelaga

As explained in the video below, “Medieval zoology is bizarre. Mostly because half of the creatures don’t even exist. And those that do look very, very strange!…we’ll be exploring some of the weirdest and wildest mythical beasts and legendary creatures of the European Middle Ages. From basilisks to blemmyes, and everywhere in between. It’s a world where biology and mythology blend together.”

What to you think of some of these animal creations? Let us know!