The Strangest Monsters Depicted In Historic Medieval Art

From the monopod to the bonnacon, there is no shortage of strange creatures in Medieval artwork.

The Curious Archive is all about the mythology of the Medieval period, which is a fascinating topic for many of us.

This video is a great watch, as it gives us a closer look at various monsters of the time period. The countdown had us riveted the whole time. The narrator provides a closer examination of each monster’s capabilities and physical attributes.

Photo: YouTube/Curious Archive

They also provided background on their respective origins and their respective abilities. As you can imagine, it was also difficult for them to whittle the list down to a top ten.

“A rundown of the top ten strangest monsters in historic medieval European art. It was exceedingly difficult to narrow this list down to just ten,” the narrator shares in the video. It’s the type of video that has to be seen to be believed.

Photo: YouTube/Curious Archive

We are not going to spoil the entire video for you but these are some of the wildest creatures that you are ever going to see. For starters, the monopod is one of the most bizarre things that we have ever come across (and we spend a lot of time online)! It’s hard to put the monster’s appearance into words, as he looks like a typical human male.

There is just one major difference that needs to be discussed. The monopod has only one leg and it leads to a massive foot. We are not sure how this creature was able to get around comfortably but we would be willing to watch a feature-length film adaptation of their life story. Once you get to know some of these other creatures, you are sure to have similar thoughts.

Photo: YouTube/Curious Archive

If a movie about the monopod is not really your thing, there are no shortage of other creatures that you can get to know in this clip. There is also the bonnacon, which is a creature that was known for expelling “caustic excrement” at their enemies. Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like but you will need to watch the video to learn more.

Check out the video for yourself below: