The engineers of modern cars have to take things like comfort, style, and aerodynamics into account. While the engineers at the Matchbox car factory in the Hackney area of London didn’t have to contend with those needs, they did have to work very hard to make their tiny cars be faithful reproductions of life-sized vehicles.

Detailed scale drawings and models made in wood before casting took a lot of work. Molten metal is poured by hand into the molds! The level of detail that went into making these tiny cars look exactly like their life-sized counterparts is simply amazing.

We love seeing the tiny cars all lined up and spinning for their first coat of enamel, after which smaller components like wheels and seats are added. There’s something very soothing about watching the tiny cars being made! Have a look at Matchbox cars being made by the original creators of the concept in the video from 1965 below.