Modern-Day Jewelry Craftsmanship Vs. Antique… Check Out This Behind The Scenes Look!

Do you know how long your average, current day wedding ring is built to last?? Follow along to find out!

We love getting a closer look or behind-the-scenes peek at things we’re interested in and passionate about, and today we’re looking at jewelry! While you might thing that seeing one ring is like seeing them all, there’s definitely wayyy more to it than that.

Moving past the counter and into the workshop, Russ Hollander shows us what goes into traditional goldsmith work and highlights some of the different approaches towards jewelry today in comparison to those of decades and centuries past. (Did you know your average wedding band purchased these days is really only crafted to last 5-7 years?! Let’s hope that’s not an omen of something more significant…) Follow along and enjoy the sneak peek!