Facebook Users Convinced Of Time Travel After Spotting Man On Cellphone In WWII Photo

The picture was first posted in 2016 to the Icelandic face group, Gamlar ljósmyndir.

Many people enjoy time travel, but that enjoyment is limited to television shows, movies, and books. The vast majority of us feel that it really is just nothing more than fiction, but that is not true for everyone.

This was seen in an interesting way when a picture appeared on Facebook. It was a picture from 1943, taken in Iceland and it shows a man leaning with his back against a wall as soldiers are walking around him.

Photo: Facebook/Gamlar ljósmyndir/Kristján Hoffmann

Interestingly, the man is not dressed like the rest of those in the picture who are wearing military clothing. He is dressed as a civilian, but there is something else interesting about him that someone pointed out.

After being posted to social media, somebody almost immediately pointed out that he looks like he is talking on a cell phone. That’s interesting, considering the fact that the picture is from almost 80 years ago.

Photo: Facebook/Gamlar ljósmyndir/Kristján Hoffmann

The fact that there might be a time traveler who was caught red-handed in this picture was interesting to many. Some people argued in favor of the possibility of time travel, while others had suggestions that would discount that theory.

The picture was first posted in 2016 to the Icelandic face group, Gamlar ljósmyndir. The photo was captioned: “One thing that draws attention to this beautiful picture is that above the window, in the corner in the middle of the picture, a man is leaning and is on a cellphone.”

Photo: Facebook/Gamlar ljósmyndir/Kristján Hoffmann

From that point forward, the debate was on and some people were saying that they finally had the proof they needed for time travel.

Then again, other people said he was just scratching his ear.

What do you think?

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