Man Finds $40,000 Diamond Ring Buried On Florida Beach

Instead of keeping the ring, he did the right thing and reunited it with its owner.

These are the stories that truly help to restore our faith in humanity. In a world where it can feel like negativity is as always at the forefront, we love to see people looking out for their fellow man and expecting nothing in return.

The man in this story came across a $40,000 platinum and diamond ring on the beach in Florida. You won’t believe what he did next.

Photo: YouTube/SWNS

According to SWNS, Joseph Cook, 37, came across the valuable ring during a trip to Hammock Beach in St Augustine, St Johns County.

He managed to find it because he was using his metal detector at the time. The amazing video that you are about to see depicts this man digging the ring out of the sand on his own. He is clearly amazed by his find, as to be expected.

Photo: YouTube/SWNS

“No way, man, woah, look at that bad boy, holy crap, yo that’s real, I swear to god this is the biggest diamond I ever found on the beach!” he exclaimed.

Once Cook took the diamond to the jeweler, they told him that it was worth a whopping $40,000. Most people would have tried to cash in on this find but it is easy to see that Joseph is not like most people.

Photo: YouTube/SWNS

“I just said, ‘oh God that’s been sitting in my scooter for almost a week’, I couldn’t believe it,” he continued, as per SWNS. From there, he took to social media to share the find and spoke with local jewelers to see if they had any clientele who had misplaced a very valuable ring.

Within a couple of weeks, he started to get phone calls from an unknown number. At first, he did not pick them up but it wasn’t long before it dawned on him. They had to be coming from the people whose ring he had found. The couple was from Jacksonville and they had been looking for the ring for some time.

Photo: YouTube/SWNS

“They were pretty happy,” he says. “The wife was on a Facetime call and she just said, ‘Oh my God I can’t believe it,’ and then she just started crying.” He made the return without a second thought. “It felt really good, I’ve returned sixty-thousand dollars of stuff this year, but nothing even close to this before,” he continued. “Karma’s always good, every time I return an item, I find something better, so I’m happy I could give it back.”

Check out the video below:

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