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The Lost Mansions Of New York City

Have you ever wondered about the large mansions that likely once stood in place of the towering skyscrapers of New York City? We did a little research and found seven amazing examples that we wanted to preserve and share with you.

The William Kissam and Alva Vanderbilt house at 600 Fifth Avenue


Rumor had it at the time that William Kissam wanted to make his wife truly happy, so he gave her an almost unlimited budget to build the first Beaux-Arts mansion with a limestone facade in New York. Alva was so proud of her home that in 1883, she threw a Masquerade Ball with a guest list of 1000 people and a cost of $3,000,000. Sadly, a 41-story office tower now stands in its place.

The Tiffany Mansion at 72nd Street & Madison Avenue


Known as one of the most magnificent mansions of all time, The Tiffany Mansion opened in 1885 with a whopping 57 rooms. Though it was originally intended for the entire Tiffany family to move in, only two of the members’ family moved in — and what fun I bet they had! The building sadly succumbed to a wrecking ball in 1936 as developers were clamoring for more land in this hottest of neighborhoods.

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