Man Explores Abandoned Silver Mine And Finds Century-Old Levis

Levis have been around since 1853 and they were a popular choice among miners.

If you are somebody that wears blue jeans, you probably are more than familiar with Levi’s brand. They have been around since 1853 and whether you wear them or not, they are a household name that is synonymous with dungarees.

Since they have been around so long, they are more than just a fashion statement, they have become somewhat of a collectible.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

That is especially true when you happen to find a pair that is more than 100 years old and that is exactly what happened to Brent Underwood.

Underwood is the person behind Ghost Town Living, a popular YouTube channel. He was recently looking through some abandoned silver mines in California when he happened to come across a pair of old blue jeans. Upon further investigation, he found out they were Levi’s and were more than 100 years old.

Photo: YouTube/Ghost Town Living

If you are even mildly a blue jeans aficionado, you might be wondering why they had Levi’s in an abandoned mineshaft. As it turns out, these old blue jeans were more than something that was worn to impress, they were durable pants that were worn by those who work in the mines.

As more and more workers adopted Levi’s as their go-to pants, more and more were found in the mines.

Photo: YouTube/Ghost Town Living

Underwood frequently explores silver mines in Cerro Gordo, an abandoned town. He looks for items that may have been abandoned by some of the miners, but the old Levi’s was a rare find, indeed.

In fact, he said that he had been looking for Levi’s for a long time and these still had their embossed buttons intact. Check out the video below:

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