All the Kids Were Dancing to This Popular Song in 1958

Is there anything more classic than going to the hop?

This classic song is the perfect soundtrack to watch these teenagers of the ’50s dancing the night away. The Danny & the Juniors hit, “At the Hop” was released in 1957, and this best-selling song made it to #1 on the charts in 1958. And, it was so great to dance to. Watch as these kids get moving to this wonderful song. You can almost imagine a game of spin the bottle after the dancing is done for the night.

It’s a classic we’d know anywhere and what fun it is! People dancing to this innocent music, ladies in dresses and fellas in suits and button-up shirts. From the slicked hair to the full skirts and the rock-infused swing dance moves, this is a fun video of how dancing used to be. Have a look below. And, be sure to check out one of the dance crazes mentioned in this song, the Stroll, right here.