Interesting Ways to Keep Your Cats Out of the Christmas Tree This Year

Humor is required if you have cats and celebrate Christmas at the same time.

When it comes to holiday decor, those of us with cats know the struggle of keeping everything looking nice -and intact- the whole season. Cats are notorious for attacking ornaments, chomping on garlands, and climbing up into the Christmas tree. Many a cat has toppled the family tree in the great ascent to reach the top! However, there are a few things you can do to minimize this kind of thing- although they aren’t nearly as pretty as a “regular” tree.

Via/ YouTube

Cats can’t help being so curious and they love to play with baubles and string- which makes Christmas decorations seem like toys to most cats. YouTube channel, Cole and Marmalade, made a humorous video highlighting some interesting ways to keep your tree safe. Ideas range from having a digital picture of a Christmas tree to constructing a Christmas tree of snow outside to placing a vacuum cleaner in front of the tree as a “scare tactic”.

One of the best ideas from their video is to build a “tree” shape from wrapped boxes- complete with tunnels and cubbies for cats! That sure is one way to avoid the usual trouble, but it does leave a little bit to be desired in the looks department. Another genius idea is to put the tree inside a dog crate or cage. At least then no cat will be able to knock the whole thing down.

Via/ YouTube

Watch the hilarious video below for more inspired ideas on Christmas trees your cat (probably) won’t destroy.