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The #1 Hit from The Donna Reed Show Has Us Adoring Shelley Fabares All Over Again

A true classic of the era, “Johnny Angel” is hands down one of our favorite songs. First sung by Georgia Lee and then later by Laurie Loman, it wasn’t until 1962 when the song was debuted on The Donna Reed Show by Shelley Fabares that the tune became a #1 hit. In one of the first attempts to publicize a pop song on a sit-com, the record sleeve for the single even featured a photo of the cast of the show. Fabares was billed as “Shelley Fabares of The Donna Reed Show.”

This spectacular song really captures the mood of the era. Not only the song lyrics, but the charming way in which Fabares performs it really show just how innocent our music used to be. They really don’t make love songs like anymore! Have a look below at this timeless classic. And, for another wonderful song from 1962 click here!

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