“Shoeless” Joe Jackson Signed A Picture That Sold For $1.47 Million

It was sold in a baseball collection at a Manhattan auction.

Many of us realize how valuable an autographed picture can be. Perhaps we have held onto a picture for many years that was autographed by one of our favorite sports heroes.

If you happen to have an autographed picture of “Shoeless” Joe Jackson, you may want to consider selling it at this point.

Photo: flickr/pingnews.com

There was an auction in Manhattan where a 1911 picture that was autographed by Joe Jackson sold for $1.47 million. This was the most money ever paid for one of his signed pictures.

The picture was put on the auction block as part of a private collection of baseball memorabilia. The former White Sox player signed the picture over a century ago and it made the records books when it was sold for so much money.


Jackson is perhaps best known for being banned from baseball in the year following a scandal with the Chicago White Sox.

It was reported that the members of that team were paid $5k each to throw the 1919 World Series. It was never proven. He is also known for his performance during the series.


During the World Series, he had a .375 batting average with 12 hits and no errors. That record brings into question if he was actually trying to throw the series.

Other items sold at the same auction included a postcard from 1925 signed by Lou Gehrig that sold for $687,500 and a Babe Ruth baseball bat that sold for $1.05 million

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