A Few Supplies Is All It Takes to Make This Classic Xmas Ornament

If you’re like me then you might remember making homemade Christmas ornaments every year with your parents or grandparents. My mom was especially fond of salt dough ornaments and then when we got older, cross stitch ornaments. But, if you’re looking for a fun craft to do with the kids then how about tin foil ornaments? It costs very little, isn’t messy, and the end result is a very classic looking tree ornament that has a timeless appeal.

To get started making this tree decoration you’ll need to have some aluminum foil, a coffee can lid, 12 inches of craft wire, a chopstick or skewer, scissors, and a couple of beads.

Using the chopstick to trace the foil, make a circle on a folded section of foil following the outline of the coffee can lid. You should be left with 6 circles, each of which will later be folded and cut kind of like a pie, but still attached in the middle.

Each of these semi-attached pie pieces gets rolled using the chopstick and then you string them together using the wire. A bead on each end of the wire keeps the prongs of the star in place.

See exactly how to make this simple, yet elegant, star in the in video below.

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