Disney has been rebooting all of their most famous titles for years now. It was only a matter of time before they got to Home Alone. We wish that they would simply come up with an original idea for once but we digress. Once this reboot was announced, the Internet reacted in the manner that you would imagine they would. They were not happy and they let the world know all about it.

The cast was revealed and this only served to make the Internet angrier. We can see where they are coming from here. Why does this movie even need to be remade in the first place? The original still exists. You can watch it any time you want. Ellie Kemper and Rob Delaney are going to play Kevin’s parents. As for the role of Kevin himself, Archie Yates was the child who was chosen.

Social media reactions were swift and decisive. There are many moviegoers who lament the lack of original ideas being brought to fruition these days. They are not wrong. Why don’t they make their own stories? Instead, studios are banking on nostalgia to carry the day. We miss the days when we had the chance to see new and interesting stories on the big screen.

All we get to see now are the movies from our childhood with different actors in the most iconic roles. This is not something that we should be rooting for. While there is nothing wrong with enjoying these movies, it is easy to see why people dislike them so much. We have a distaste for the nostalgia peddling that is currently taking place in Hollywood.

This is one of the rare times where the Internet outrage machine got something right. One tweeter made a very intelligent observation. How does Kevin even get left behind in a world where parents have cell phones and the ability to place him in an Uber once they realize he’s missing? The plot is going to be different, though.

Instead of focusing on a child that was left behind on Christmas, this Home Alone is about a young man who is protecting a jewel from nefarious thieves. His name is not even going to be Kevin! They are just trying to trade on the goodwill that the Home Alone name has generated and we have had enough. The movie does not have a release date at the moment but it is slated to receive a premiere on the Disney+ streaming service.