The Reason Men Stopped Wearing Hats

Hats used to be a must for men, but they’ve faded in popularity for a few key reasons.

While hats were once a staple of the male wardrobe, they have taken a backseat in recent years. Schlueter knows that you cannot figure out where you are going without knowing where you have been and that’s why he’s giving the history behind this trend.

The tour that he provides regarding the history of hats is an absolute must-see, that is for sure.

Photo: PICRYL/Library of Congress

“When looking at old photographs or watching old movies, you’ve probably heard people comment on the copious amount of hats worn in them. When discussing previous eras, you’ve probably heard the often overused phrase that ‘a man wouldn’t leave the house without a hat on.”’ Phrased another way, it’s all about the hats,” he says in the video below. There are actually some very simple reasons for this, whether we realize it or not.

Now that we have advanced levels of climate control inside of our vehicles and homes, we do not have as much need for hats. Automobiles have also lowered the amount of headspace that is available, playing a key role in the lessened amount of hat-wearing.


“Let’s say it’s a cold winter’s day; leaving your heated office for 20 seconds to get into your heated car, which you’ll drive home, and then leave for another 10 seconds to enter your heated house means that you probably aren’t going to bother with copious layers,” Preston explains.

He also lays out another important reason: “Before the World Wars, social class was an incredibly important aspect of Western society, and people were absolutely expected to know their place. But, after the horrors of war brought every social class just a bit closer, we began to focus more on the individual rather than on the class in which they resided.”

Photo: flickr/Aussie~mobs

The Internet also takes some blame. “Indeed, for some younger members of our audience, when we mention fedoras, they might first think of the infamous ‘tips fedora’ meme. Because there are now thousands of these easily spreadable memes all over the internet, the fedora, in recent years, took on a decidedly less-than-cool reputation,” Preston concludes.

The more you know!

Watch the video below: