The Most Undersung Songstress of Her Time – Helen Forrest

There’s something about her voice that sends us to dreamland…

Helen Forrest was the “girl singer” for such famous bands like Artie Shaw, Harry James, and Benny Goodman, 3 of the biggest big band orchestras of the 1940s. Forrest was quite the beauty, but somehow gets left out of a lot of Hollywood movie history. Her voice is thevoice the 1940s and her work with the top names in the music industry earned her the nickname “Name Band Singer.”

Ration card and a couture blouse printed with the word “ration” all over- it doesn’t get more 1940s than that. Via/ Wiki Commons

Forrest signing “You Made Me Love You” from the 1942 film Private Buckaroo is just about the most romantic song a person could ever hear! Have a listen to this classic song from one of the most talented and undersung songstress of her time in the video clip below.