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Grandmother’s Kitchen: So Much White

Many of us remember the kitchens in our Grandparents’ homes. Often the cupboards were white. There may have been linoleum on the floor. There may have been a white painted Hoosier-type cabinet. The appliances, if they were past the 1940’s in date, would have been white. Maybe there was a white kitchen table, either painted or with an enameled top…or even one with chrome and a Formica top. Maybe the accents were red.

Here are a few vintage pieces that reminded us of those days. All are from our readers and we’d like to thank them for sharing the photos and the stories. We hope they bring back good memories for you, too.

Grandmother's Kitchen: So Much White

from: Brandy Cajun: “This is the matching hoosier cabinet that I found on-line. It is in good shape and still has the flour bin and sifter.”
Grandmother's Kitchen: So Much White

from: Brandy Cajun: “This was my grandmothers’ table. Beautiful and very heavy.”
Grandmother's Kitchen: So Much White

from: Tina Clary: “This is my McDougall cabinet. It was salvaged and restored by my Dad. It has original hardware and glass.”
Grandmother's Kitchen: So Much White

from: Jeff Friedman: “Welcome to the 1930’s. Note that it only opens on one side, and is larger than regular 30’s enamel kitchen tables. It may be a bakers table. Saw it, loved it, bought it in Maine only two weeks ago. Thanks to the lovely Weenie Friedman for finding this gem.”
Grandmother's Kitchen: So Much White

from: Lisa Weir: “Getting ready to restore this. It is from the McDougall Company. Frankfort, IND.”

We hope you enjoy these photos. Whenever we see new furniture that is for sale…almost always at a very high price…we think of pieces like these. Our grandparents’ “made-do” and the food they cooked in kitchens with cupboards and tables like these was delicious. They still seem to speak.

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