Little Girl Gifted Museum Her Favorite Rock So They Put It On Display

Bethan wanted it on display so all of the guests at the museum could enjoy it as much as she does.

Bethan is a little girl who happened to be exploring the Poole Museum in Poole, UK one day.

She was learning about these locations, and more importantly, she was finding out how their collection process is handled. Once Bethan was given the chance to learn more about this process, she came up with an absolutely marvelous idea. The little girl had a very special donation in mind.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Unlike some children out there, who would be giving items that they did not want to play with anymore, Bethan had different plans. She wanted the museum to have her “most precious rock.” What a kind display of generosity from this young woman!

Bethan did not have any special requests for the rock, either. She just wants to share all of her joy with the rest of the world.

Photo: flickr/Dion Hinchcliffe

As long as the rock is placed behind a glass display and kept safe, that is all Bethan is asking for. The museum accepted the gift and they were more than willing to honor her very simple request. This story should giving all of the other museum curators out there some fun ideas. We would love to see an entire museum decked out in such a way.

Just think about it. The greatest treasures of our children, all laid out as far as the eye can see. We would definitely want to visit this type of museum and we are sure that most of our readers would, too. You would need to have a heart that is totally made of stone not to be touched by this museum’s gesture.

That’s why we are putting the word out now. All museums should start to include exhibits like these at their earliest convenience. It would provide children with more motivation to visit their local museums and parents would have a lot more fun, too. That’s what we call a classic win/win scenario. Kudos to Bethan for being so generous with one of her most prized items as well.

There’s not a lot of kids out there that would be willing to give away their most precious rock so that others could enjoy its majesty. Bethan is setting a great example for all of the other little ones out there.