These Ghost Signs Are a Faded Reminder of Yesterday’s Main Streets

These gorgeous old signs may be faded, but they are still spectacular.

So many brands that have become a part of our everyday lives go that way because we became familiar with them from the ads painted on buildings. And, they lend a certain comfort despite their faded glory. But, we love to see the ads for businesses and products that no longer exist. It’s almost like pulling a business card from out of a time machine. This Budweiser sign makes us think of small town bars and grocery stores on a hot afternoon.

Budweiser ghost sign. Via/ Flickr
Aspen, CO, ghost sign. Via/ Flickr
New York, NY ghost sign. Via/ Flickr

This bread-shaped cafe sign is so charming.

Butte, MT, ghost sign. Via/ Flickr
Chicago, IL, ghost sign. Via/ Flickr

It’s so neat to see the advertisements painted over each other, still clinging to the bricks.

Seattle, WA, ghost sign. Via/ Flickr
Dubuque, IA, ghost sign. Via/ Wiki Commons

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