The History Of G.I. Joe Action Figures

The classic toys would come to be the world’s very first line of action figures.

If you have ever seen G.I. Joe before, you have probably noticed one thing. The heroes and the villains of the show can never seem to actually hit each other.

They have some of the worst aim that we have ever seen and it’s one of those things that you won’t be able to stop thinking about once you take a moment to consider it.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

In case you have never seen the show, it is all about the conflicts that take place between an elite United States combat team and the COBRA organization. This war, which never seems to end or even come close to ending, takes place across several mediums. Whether you’re a fan of the toys, the television shows, or the movies, there is a lot to like here.

The war has been going on for some time now because of the aforementioned bad aim on both sides. Of course, there is something to be said for taking the time to really get to know these soldiers and their history. For example, did you know that this is the first action figure line? We had no idea, honestly. This came as a major shock to us.

Photo: flickr/Denny Delux

The following video is a great piece of history, as it provides us with so many other aspects of the G.I. Joe lore. We also had no idea that Rocky Balboa came very, very close to enlisting himself. There was also an issue with the initial tagline. The good folks at G.I. Joe really thought “Ho, Joe!” was a great idea.

Without getting too far into specifics, we do not think that this line would work out too well in the present day. Now, Mental Floss editor-in-chief Erin McCarthy is here to explain more about the fierce fighting force that we all know and love so much. If you would like to learn all of the fun facts about how they came into formation, this is the perfect chance to do so.

Photo: flickr/Dave_7

Videos like these do not come along every day. Whether you consider yourself to be a major G.I. Joe fan or you are someone who is just starting to learn about this fighting force, this is a great watch. This might be a throwback video to some but we were today years old when we saw it for the first time.

Check out the clip below:

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