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You Won’t Believe This- Our Favorite Films Would Have Been Completely Different!

The Graduate

Many stars were considered for the racy role of Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate, including Doris Day. It’s unclear as to whether she was even given a script or if her people passed on it for her, but needless she was given the Cliff Notes version and decided it was far too scandalous a role for her to accept.

Pal Joey

Gene Kelly made the show a success on the stage and was promised the role of Joey Evans. But, the project sat around so long that
by the time it set to be made, Kelly was already with MGM they would not loan him out to another studio. Sinatra was picked in the end.

It’s a Wonderful Life

Olivia de Havilland passed on the role of Mrs. Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life because she and Jimmy Stewart had once been lovers and she thought it would be awkward to work together. De Havilland opted to do several other films that year including To Each His Own, for which she won an Oscar.

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