How Many of These ’60s Dances Did You Do?

These sure do bring back a lot of memories!

The ’60s were a time of amazing music talent and brand new dances were coming out every week to match the seemingly endless stream of hits on the radio. Some of the most well-known dances of the era were The Twist, The Pony, and the Watusi. But, there were plenty of other dances which also dominated the scene each in there own time. And, if you ever did any of these dances then no doubt you remember it well!

Artists like Little Eva, Chubby Checker, Marvin Gaye, and The Olympics all had songs which revolved around their respective dances. And what fun they were, too! This was the golden age of the fad dance as disco and later dancing to electronic music would replace these styles. Have a look in the video below at some of our very favorite dance fads from the ’60s! How many did you do back in the day?

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