What Was the Big Fashion Trend the Year You Were Born?

See the clothes that set trends way back when!

1950 – New Look Dresses

The nipped waist and full skirt with crinoline underneath was a huge hit for more than a decade. And nothing looks more feminine!

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1951 – Bobby Socks with Saddle Shoes

Comfy, practical, and unique to the era, bobby socks and saddle shoes together were everywhere!

1952 – Poodle or Circle Skirts

Even without the felt designs, the full circle skirts of the ’50s mimicked the New Look styles.

1953 – Swim Caps

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1954 – Bolero Jackets

These cropped jackets became wildly popular atop formal dresses and suits.

1955 – Cardigans

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1956 – Checked Suits

Men had their choice of checked suits, in many different colors and patterns.

1957 – Cat Eye Sunglasses

Those feline were a staple of the most fashionable ladies of the ’50s!

1958 – Ornate Ladies Hats

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1959 – Spaghetti Strap Dresses

From Marilyn Monroe to main street, women everywhere were clamoring for this flirty yet sophisticated style.

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