What Was the Big Fashion Trend the Year You Were Born?

See the clothes that set trends way back when!

So many wonderful fashion trends have come and gone over the years. It’s lovely to imagine what people on the street were wearing when you we just a baby. Clothing fashions certainly have changed drastically over the years, and the looks below prove that! Here are the popular fashion trends the year you were born, from 1940 to 1980.

1940 – Menswear for Ladies

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In attempt to reuse men’s suits, women were wearing a lot of menswear styles. The fact that women would be heading to work meant that suits and pants were often necessary in the years that followed.

1941 – Single-breasted Suits for Men

With the war on, using less fabric became paramount and men’s jackets went from double to single placket.

1942 – A-line Skirts

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1943 – Hand-knit Sweaters

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1944 – 49er Jackets

Pendleton made them famous, but all styles and colors of 49er jackets could be found on men, women, and children.

1945 – Wide Leg Pants

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1946 – Shoulder Pads

For both men and women, broad shoulders were very en vogue, giving a more flattering silhouette.

1947 – Off the Shoulder Blouses

The peasant blouse, replete with ruffles, sometimes bared the midriff. Commonly paired with tiered skirt or denim, this feminine look was a boon with younger ladies.

1948 – Dramatic Lines

Unusual lines in satin and lace, inspired by the abundance of fabrics and the glamor of Hollywood, were becoming more common. Asymmetrical straps and exaggerated peplum skirts were two enviable looks at the time.

1949 – Full Skirts

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1950 – New Look Dresses

The nipped waist and full skirt with crinoline underneath was a huge hit for more than a decade. And nothing looks more feminine!

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1951 – Bobby Socks with Saddle Shoes

Comfy, practical, and unique to the era, bobby socks and saddle shoes together were everywhere!

1952 – Poodle or Circle Skirts

Even without the felt designs, the full circle skirts of the ’50s mimicked the New Look styles.

1953 – Swim Caps

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1954 – Bolero Jackets

These cropped jackets became wildly popular atop formal dresses and suits.

1955 – Cardigans

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1956 – Checked Suits

Men had their choice of checked suits, in many different colors and patterns.

1957 – Cat Eye Sunglasses

Those feline were a staple of the most fashionable ladies of the ’50s!

1958 – Ornate Ladies Hats

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1959 – Spaghetti Strap Dresses

From Marilyn Monroe to main street, women everywhere were clamoring for this flirty yet sophisticated style.

1960 – Pillbox Hats

A symbol of the refinement of the first half of the ’60s, Jackie Kennedy (among many others) would make the pillbox hat an iconic American accessory.

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1961 – Pointy Shoes

For men and women the pointy tipped shoes of the early ’60s gave a distinguished (if uncomfortable) appearance.

1962 – The Little Black Dress

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1963 – Swing Coats

Also called trapeze coats, the oversized cut made them a distinctive look of the ’60s.

1964 – Capri Pants

Who doesn’t love a good capri pant? As women were wearing dresses less often, capri pants became a part of our fashion lexicon.

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1965 – Bold Prints

In the mid-sixties bright and large patterns of every kind became the norm.

1966 Tams and Berets

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1967 – Mini Skirts

The along with all the new styles came the mini skirt. Scandalous to some, who could have predicted that they would remain popular?

1968 – Polo Shirts with Suit Jackets

Casual meets dressy, this combo was the evening attire for so many men in the late ’60s.

1969 – Velvet & Corduroy

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1970 – Short Shorts

Even the less adventurous among us were influenced by these short shorts as hemlines on this summertime favorite rose.

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1971 – Turbans

A throwback to the ’30s, turbans added a chic element to many of the disco looks.

1972 Hip Hugger Bell Bottoms

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1973 – Platform Shoes

Who didn’t have a pair of these back in the day? Surprisingly, we got used to walking in them, too.

1973 – Leisure Suits

The best of both worlds, right? Comfort and style all rolled into one color-coordinated package.

1974 – Muumuus and Maxi Dresses

The flowing dresses with bright patterns became trendy in no small part because of their comfort.

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1975 – Overalls

In various colors and fabrics and for the whole family, they certainly made a statement!

1976 – Jeans

While jeans had been a part of fashion for decades, it was in the mid ’70s that they became ubiquitous.

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1977 – Prairie Dress

Inspired as we all were by the TV show Little House on the Prairie, these long calico dresses were often high-necked and had some element of lace on them.

1978 – Wrap Dresses

Whether the slinky kind or the more conservative style, wrap dresses got a revitalization in the ’70s.

1979 – Large Plaid Patterns

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1980 РMetallic Lam̩

The favorite of the disco era would continue to shine in the ’80s.

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That’s it for these fashions from the year you were born. It’s amazing how much clothing has changed since the ’40s!

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