Don’t You Just Love The Sound Of Typewriters?

Don’t You Just Love The Sound Of Typewriters?

from: Enid Agnus Dei: “Love this old thing!”

from: Debbie Dubbs Cato: “Underwood portable typewriter. Can anyone provie me a history & value for this typewriter?”

from: Helen Young: “Any info on this Underwood Typewriter much appreciated.”

from: Nancy Kirk Starnes: “This is a Remington Rand, Model Seventeen Typewriter from the early to mid 1940’s. There is a plate on the front of it, upper left side that states “Property Air Force United States Army”. I found this one day this week at a thrift store.”

from: Judy Griffith Wilburn: “Remington typewriter I used some fifty years ago.”

from: Karla Spence: “Childs toy typerwriter..made in Germany”

from: Kay Burford: “My 66 Imperial Typewriter… So simple and straightforward to use, compared to all this technology these days, it’s so hard to buy the ribbons for them now.”

from: Brian Freeman: “Remington typewriter”

from: Jordan Michael Rivera: “I also picked up this old typewriter”