Bedford, England is the setting for this amazing story, where a diving team was able to uncover one of the most incredible treasures that we have ever seen.

This woman’s antique wedding ring fell off her finger and plunged into a river. In most instances, this is exactly where the story would end. Typically, when you lose a small piece of jewelry in a major body of water, that’s the end of the tale.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Thanks to the efforts of this diving team, however, this woman’s story had a much happier ending. Emma Lyon was spending time with some of her closest loved ones recently. They were all on the riverbank taking in a boat race that was happening at the River Great Ouse this past Saturday. Emma was wearing her grandmother’s old wedding ring at the time.

The piece of jewelry is nearly 100 years old and the gold band obviously holds a great deal of sentimental value for Lyon. “We’d just spotted a local crew and I was cheering and clapping vigorously when all of a sudden, the ring flew off my finger and arced into the river,” said Emma during a recent interview with the Bedford Independent.

Photo: Facebook/Tony Pugh

“It all seemed to happen in slow motion and although the boys won their race, the ring was lost,” she added. On the Sunday after the race, she decided to contact the Bedford Scuba Divers. She wanted to see if they could help her out and fortunately for her, they were more than happy to do so. According to a Facebook post by Tony Pugh, the team was assembled very quickly and the entire process did not even take all that long.

The post was shared with the Bedford Scuba Divers Facebook group. The ring was lost on Saturday, the team was contacted on Sunday, and by the time Monday evening rolled around, they had the ring back on her finger. That’s a pretty amazing turn of events if we do say so ourselves. Emma has referred to this series of events as a “total miracle” and it is easy to see why.

Photo: Facebook/Tony Pugh

“The ring belonged to my grandmother, who died in 2000 aged 100. She worked at a corn merchant on Caldwell Street and would sometimes get up early and take the family’s punt out on the river before work,” she told the Bedford Independent. “I did think that if we couldn’t find the ring, it had ended up in a fitting resting place. I am just so, so grateful to everyone from the scuba club who gave up their evening to help out and cannot believe that Matt was able to find it. It was a total miracle.”