There are all sorts of candies that are available in the current marketplace. It feels almost wrong to even complain about all of the candies that are not available anymore. After all, shouldn’t we be appreciating all of the candy that we already have?

All jokes aside, we do love a good history lesson, especially when it comes to candies that we may or may not have known about.

Photo: YouTube/Rhetty for History

That’s where the good folks over at Rhetty for History come into play. This video provides us with lots of historical candy information that we did not know about. That’s what makes them such a fun channel to subscribe to. They tap into the nostalgia that we had long forgotten about and even remind us of things that we did not know about to begin with.

In this video, they offer up a look at the candies and candy bars that once existed.

Photo: YouTube/Rhetty for History

While these treats have been discontinued over the course of the past century, that does not mean that everyone else has forgotten about them. We are willing to bet that a lot of memories have been jogged by this video and for good reason.

Some of the candies that were named in this clip are going to register in your memory, others are not. That’s part of the fun. For some, the candies will be an instantaneous way to date themselves. For younger viewers, it will be a great chance to find out more about the candies and candy bars that their parents and grandparents once loved.

Photo: YouTube/Rhetty for History

“The candy business is constantly changing in order to be more appealing to consumers and their sweet tooth. Over the years there has been a lot of discontinued candy that we want to taste again,” the description reads. That last part might be the truest part of all. If you do not find a candy or candy bar in this video that you would devour right now, you need to tell us your secret.

In all frank honesty, this video made us wanna scour the earth for all of the rare and hard-to-find candies that are surely still out there. In the meantime, please be sure to take a moment to check this one out for yourself:

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