Dick Van Dyke Demands Customer Service in this Vintage Clip

Have you ever tried and failed to get customer service? Dick Van Dyke shows us how it’s done!

Did you ever have the feeling that you might be getting nowhere with a utility company? Yeah, we’ve all been there. You try to explain a simple thing only to be thwarted by paperwork and an intense bureaucratic process that overrides common sense. If you resemble that remark then this hilarious clip from The Carol Burnett Show is for you! The scene perfectly shows the process of attempting to get some customer service at a utility office. Guest star, Dick Van Dyke, wonderfully captures the frustrated sentiments we’ve all had at one time or another. Vicki Lawerence and Carol Burnett aptly portray the ladies behind the desk (and all the logic that comes with). This classic sketch is one we remember fondly from one of the best shows that ever aired on TV. Have a look below and get ready to laugh.

Have a peek at some behind the scenes goofing around with Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke┬╗