During the ’40s the Andrews sisters were one of the most popular musical acts in the country. Their bright harmonies made every song they sang come to life. In demand for films and shows, this family act had a long run in the public eye, earning 9 gold records. Patty, LaVerne, and Maxene wowed audiences for decades, even reuniting after a short split in the ’50s. The Boogie Woogie sisters had a number of hits and appeared in many a World War II movie. They even had their own radio show after the war ended, working with all manner of stars along the way.

In 1966 they appeared on the Dean Martin Show to sing a medley of songs with the charismatic host. This was to be one of their last appearances together since shortly after this in 1966 LaVerne retired. She died in 1967 from cancer. Though it’s sad to think of, America’s last look at this trio was a happy one. Watch this wonderful video below and be sure to check out the Andrews Sisters performing with the Supremes right here.